1863 to 2010 and how we got to here

Our church first started out as "Bellahouston Parish Church", but as the result of two unions with neighbouring churches, Steven Memorial in 1969 and Ibrox in 1978, the name was changed to Ibrox Parish Church.

It was in 1863, as the result of discussions by the Kirk Session of Govan Old Parish, that our church became one of her many "daughter" churches, to help serve the then fast expanding southside, in particular wealthy Dumbreck.

The money to build the Sanctuary came from Moses Steven, a wealthy entrepreneur of his day and was designed by James Smith, architect father of the somewhat infamous Madeleine.[She was charged with the murder of her husband  but set free after a "not proven" verdict at the High Court in Edinburgh.  Her ghost reputedly visits the church].

In 1898 the two Transepts were added to the original building, making it the lovely cruciform shape which we see today. Each window is now adorned with quality stained glass, helping to emanate an atmosphere of colourful, peace and quiet at worship [though today's M8 immediately to its south does mean a constant background rumble!].

In addition to many other artistic features and church furnishings, the building had until 2009 a fine 2-manual pipe organ, originally a French Cavaille-Coll.  This was in need of extensive repair at a prohibitive cost and an Allan Digital organ is now installed and is a wonderful addition to the worship.
Over the years, there have been other alterations and upgrading to the overall building complex, resulting in a games hall; stage hall; small hall; a Link Block with an office and board room; disabled toilet and ramp. A loop hearing system has also been installed and we continue to upgrade our multimedia facilities.